Send a message to the future !

Choose a Time Capsule

Here you can choose your time capsule.

There are 3 things to know about each time capsule :
  • The re-open date : It tell you when the time capsule will be re-open and let you know when the message will be avaible in the future
  • The close date : This is the date when the time capsule will be closed and your message archieved. You can write and modify the message online until that date.
  • The size : It's the maximum number of messages that can be fit in this time capsule. You've to be quick, and we recommend you to save a draft of your message before sending. If the time capsule is full, your message will be rejected.

Now you can click on a time capsule to go to the next step...


Capsule: Year 3000
Year 3000 capsule. Capsule de l'an 3000 +jc
Re-open at : 3000-01-01
Close at : 2050-12-31
Size (messages) : 50000