Send a message to the future !


This website allows you to send an audio, video or text message to the future. It's a free service, limited to one message per personn and per capsule. Many services will be added during this year, including the ability to launch a capsule for an special event (opening, wedding, baptism, ...), the possibility to send a postal mail (text and picture) and maybe to attach money to a message.

How does it work ?

  • You select a time capsule which is open
  • You write a message (text, audio, video)
  • You click on the link sent by email to validate your email
  • Your message can be edited until the time capsule closes
  • When the capsule is closed, messages are offline.
  • In the future, at the programmed opening time, the capsule will be opened and your message taked out of the capsule and published (website, email, or what ever you chose).
Example : You write the message "What am old !" in the time capsule "10 years" at March 2010. On the 12/31/2010, the time capsule is sealed. On 01/01/2021, the time capsule is opened and your message will be displayed on the website.

How do I know if the message is authentic ?

At the closing time of the time capsule, a digital seal is applied and contains a fingerprint of the message and the date. This fingerprint is generated using a public/private key (openGPG). The website has a unique and unfalsifiable key that demonstrates that the message is unmodified and the backup date is correct. Everyone can, using the free public key, verify the authenticity of the message.
You can freely download the public key by clicking here.

Why aren't messages printed and stored in a physical time capsule ?

Current media are very unstable and vulnerable when stored during a long time. Paper, ink, prints and others are not designed for a very long life (hundreds or thousands of years). Digital allows us, for the first time in the era of mankind, to have an almost eternal message. This format can be easily lostless copied, so the message can be stored until the end of humanity (as far as possible).

How are messages stored ?

When messages are editable, they are stored on our webserver. After, messages are stored on a mirror harddrive server(RAID0), messages are duplicated on two different harddrives. Text messages are also stored on a distant database server. There is an integrity check every year. When messages are taked down of the webserver, a fingerprint is generated on each file, this fingerprint is compared to the regenerated fingerprint in order to check the integrity during the audit. If one of the fingerprint is different, the damaged file is replaced by the original file. This process helps us to keep message over very long periods. New harddrives have to be set up regularly.

Who pay for this service ?

As you can see, maintenance and storage costs money (harddrive, checking, webserver,...). We rely on your generosity through donations (button at the left) and through advertising. That's why it's important to tell this website to your family and friends so that they can leave a message too and read old messages (if avaible). We want to keep this website free as long as we can and remain a free basic service to allow everyone a chance to write a message in a capsule.